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Restoring your peace of mind

Renewing your peace of mind

Reclaiming your history

Restoring your life

Rebuilding your memories

Restoring your investment

Reclaiming your memories

Restoring your memories

Rebuilding your life

home fires in 2013, resulting in a 6.8 billion loss, according to the US Fire Administration

It’s not just the fire damage. It’s the smoke and water and the destruction that comes with fighting the fire. U.S. municipal fire departments responded to an estimated 1.24 million fires in 2013. These fires caused an estimated $11.5 billion in damages. Fires can start unexpectedly in the electrical system, in the walls, in the kitchen and with a lightning strike. When fire strikes, call the professionals at Zenith Restoration.

Zenith Restoration handles it all. We also know that it’s the irreplaceable items in your home that you’re most worried about. Our team is certified in fire and water damage restoration. We restore your home or business through a variety of techniques designed to make it Better Than Before.

Our Guarantee:

  • Lifetime No Smoke Odor

  • One year on all workmanship

Better Than Before