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Rebuilding your memories

Restoring your memories

Rebuilding your life

Reclaiming your history

Renewing your peace of mind

Restoring your peace of mind

Restoring your life

Reclaiming your memories

Restoring your investment

average cost of a plumbing supply system failure

Whether it’s a flood or a longstanding drip, water wreaks havoc on your property. Most companies that claim to clean up after flooded basements or busted pipes do only that; clean-up. They don’t put your home back together.

Water damage can come from so many hidden places – leaky water heater, cracked pipes, washing machines, toilets and other plumbing. By the time you notice these subtle leaks, the damage can be extensive.

At Zenith Restoration, we make it Better Than Before. We use tools to help us see what’s hiding without tearing open your walls. Then, using the latest technology in water extraction, our staff of certified water damage restoration experts clean, prevent mold and remodel what’s been damaged.

Don’t let another company walk out with the job half done.

Our Guarantee:

  • One year on all workmanship

  • We use the latest technology to seek out all water and mold damage – tools that help us see what’s hiding without tearing open your walls

Better Than Before