Working with your Insurance Company

Zenith Restoration is committed to doing the best job of restoring your property after a disaster. Because we specialize in restoration projects, we are equipped and prepared to help you navigate the weeks ahead. This includes more than the restoration work, we’ll also work with your insurance agent, insurance adjuster and even your mortgage company to restore your home or business smoothly and efficiently.

The standard package for home insurance covers the home itself and your possessions inside. According to the insurance information institute, damages caused by most disasters is covered, but there are exceptions. The most significant damages can be caused by flooding and that requires a separate policy.

Business Owners Policy or BOP can protect a business from most common risks. Fire, burglary, liability and business interruption are all covered under this policy. This policy is specifically designed for small and medium-sized businesses.

Insurance claims are to be filed immediately following a disaster at your home or business. In 2013, property damage accounted for 97 percent of claims filed by homeowners. With such a crowded field of claimants, it’s easy to see how yours can get left behind in the shuffle.

What We Can Do

In the aftermath of a disaster, we will work with you and your insurance company to arrive at an agreed upon price based on the scope of work.

Our services can include:

  • Consulting you on the filing of your claim and items needed
  • Meeting with your insurance adjuster
  • Assist with following up on your claim
  • Assess the damage of your property
  • Make the necessary repairs

Contact Us

The stress level after a disaster can be too heavy for many people to handle. We understand and want to help you through the process.

Call us today or click here to request service and we’ll be in touch to begin the process of making your home or business Better Than Before.

Better Than Before